This idea can be confronting. The idea that what we don’t address, we project onto other people and situations in our lives. When we are a parent raising growing humans, what we don’t address within ourselves, we can project onto our children.

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A week rarely goes by without a parent, in one way or another, asking why it is so hard. Psychologists are often asked, by clients and community members why it is that mental health statistics are getting worse, seemingly year on year. Why are our children and adolescents struggling more than ever? Why are parents […]

Five Reasons Why Parenting is Harder Than 30 Years Ago: Why Skilful Parenting Is Essential


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If there is one factor that makes parents think twice about taking their little ones out in public, it’s usually the unpredictable temper tantrum. While in the early days, the subtle defiance and stubbornness of a toddler can make you try to hide your smirk at the manageable balance between cheekiness, compliance and seeking of […]

The Eye of the Storm: How to Stay Grounded in the Midst of a Mega Meltdown or Tantrum

Mindful Parenting

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Psychologists tend to develop an ability to foresee issues that are arising long before they have manifested. This comes not from being able to ‘see into the future’ per say, but rather from noticing predictable patterns from the hundreds to thousands of people you have worked with before. We are trained in identifying and understanding the many factors that are contributing to someone’s life – both the protective and the risk factors. This can be both emotionally difficult and empowering for parents as they are given the choice to choose how to respond to this knowledge: can I do the hard thing and address it, or will we continue repeating dysfunctional patterns out of habit?

Why We Naturally Avoid Discomfort and Addressing Issues With Our Children (and Why This Backfires in the Long Run)

Psychological Flexibility

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