Dr Renee Cachia is an experienced Australian psychologist, board-approved clinical supervisor, and the founder of a child, adolescent and family psychology practice, Inner Bloom Practice. Renee's intention is to show up as a supportive and authentic human in the room to support others to recognise our collective human struggles.

In clinical practice, she integrates evidence-based developmental psychology, neuroscience, cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based therapies with her practical experience in positive behaviour support, parent-child interaction, stress and anxiety management, to cultivate individualised approaches to improve the lives of young people and their parents.

She has extensive experience providing therapeutic intervention for individuals with a wide range of mental health and neurodevelopmental challenges, including risk and suicide prevention, differential diagnoses and early intervention, anxiety, mood and depressive disorders.

As Renee is cautious about the overstigmatised, overlabelled and pharmaceutical approach to mental health, her mission is to truly empower parents with psychoeducation to regain a sense of sovereignty when supporting their children. 

psychologist & founder of

Renee's most recent book is Parenting Freedom: Transform Stress and Depletion to Connectedness and Meaning is available to order now. A nature lover, Renee lives by the idyllic beaches in Northern NSW but travels Australia-wide to present her unique approach to parent-child psychology.

Please email hello@innerbloom.com.au to request Renee's media kit. 


Dr Renee Cachia was awarded a PhD and Master’s degree on a full scholarship at Monash University. Renee has published multiple academic peer-reviewed journal articles and obtained high-quality publication awards for her doctoral research. Her published research has been presented internationally including in Australia, the US and Europe, and has been cited >200 times in high-quality published journal articles.


"Parenting Freedom" is an exploration of the influences that prevent us from being truly present for our lives and the lives of our children. Renee Cachia shares her research and experience to help parents gain insight into their parenting patterns and foster mindfulness to break free of the past. This is a book for parents who are looking to uncover their internal resources and create deeper connections within their families. 

- Sharon Salzberg, author of real change and real happiness

Praise of Renee's work

In real life... 

Human potential > diagnosis.
Nature's healing wisdom.
Quality relationships.
Values-based living.


Numbing pain (+ pleasure).
Being passive in life. 
Being overscheduled.
Living by default.


Connecting with real people.
Reading or writing ideas.
Binging on podcasts.
By the beach.

daily rituals:

Meditating + pondering.
Movement + walking.
Adoring my daughter
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